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Wellness Package - Building Mind Presence with Meditation

Meditation today seems to be in the lips of most people, and in particular Mindfulness Meditation. In a world where most people are undergoing mental stress and often leading to physical trauma, its best know what mindfulness is. It is about presence of mind in the NOW situation and not digressing to past or future. The great majority of people are prone to live either in the past or in the future and hardly in the present with their mind. With often seeing images of people in meditation, one might wonder whether it is to sit still and keep silent.

The English word meditation is based on the Marghadi language word Bhavana. What it means is to develop our mind gradually so that the defiling thoughts that illustrate our consciousness can be gradually erased. It is akin to a soiled white cloth being purified with soap/detergent and water to clean the cloth. However the aroma of the detergent or the soap may remain in the purified cloth. In the same fashion, even if we believe that our mind is not sullied, there are the inert illustrations that defile the mind. Mindfulness Meditation enables the one meditating to bring one-pointed concentration with NOW presence and also pave the way for Insight Meditation where one will cleanse the mind in Toto.

Also it is important to know what this mind is. Let us think of a simile. You commence a journey by walking from point A to point B. Every time you are walking simultaneously you will distance from start and approach the end point. Our mind is akin to the walk and the distancing and approaching akin to thoughts. The thoughts take the same nature as of the mind and will cease when mind ceases only to come up again may be in a different aspect.

There are two key types of meditation, Mindfulness Meditation and Insight (Vipassana) Meditation. In the case of mindfulness meditation it is about initial application of a thing such as one's breath and focus on that aspect. One will develop through observation of the natural phenomena of breathing presence of mind here & now and one-pointed concentration. In the case of Vipassana Meditation the Yogi having developed mindfulness will strive and observe the reality of arising and ceasing or that of impermanence. This impermanence can best be seen with the tactile sensations that arise in the somatic body of Yogi. Such higher presence of mind enables the Yogi to develop level of equanimity and will not be of a reactive mind. Even in difficult situations the Yogi will delve with equanimity and built-in peace in the mind.

Today the medical science through various research works has observed that those who develop mindfulness are less prone to mental stress and have peace and tranquility. One major problem in developed countries is the inability find sleep and many resort to medication. A mind that is cultivated through meditation enables the person to get sleep without tossing around in the bed and would cost nothing. Also tranquil mind developed with mindfulness enables one to wake up not feeling drowsy and tired.